Veteran Council

Veteran Council has been functioning at the plant since the 1960-s. Presently it includes:

  • former employees including workers who were awarded the title “Plant labor veteran of honor”;
  • veterans of the Great Patriotic War and Combat Operations.

Plant veterans participate in the plant and city events (the City Day, the Day of Engineering Workers, the Day of the Navy etc.), in meetings devoted to the Victory Day, Sorrow and Memory Day as well as in patriotic activities such as visiting memorials connected with the plant history. Kolomensky Zavod looks after the monument to soldiers who died in Polushkino (Ruzsky area of the Moscow region) during Moscow defense operations, the memorial where armored train N1 (“For Stalin”) was destructed (Gagarin area of the Smolensk region), the memorial complex “Eternal Flame”, memorial boards located on the territory of the plant.

Our practice is to organize meetings of veterans of Kolomensky Zavod with students of secondary and vocational schools. These meetings are organized within professional guidance activities.

Jubilees of veterans are solemnly commemorated. City sight-seeing tours are organized.