Creation of a family of engines with new cylinder bore to piston stroke ratio resulted from the requirements of the strategic development of Russian industries.

Modern 4-cycle V-type turbocharged intercooled compound internal combustion engine with cylinder bore to piston stroke ratio 26,5/31 and a number of cylinders from 12 to 20 is intended for a wide range of industrial products of new generation including diesel locomotives, nuclear power stations.

Depending on the number of cylinders the engines are rated from 3500 kW to 6500 kW forming a family incorporating engine modifications standardized in terms of design with a different number of cylinders, degree of uprating etc..

Design solutions implemented in the engine permit to provide modern technical and economic parameters satisfying the customer requirements. PJSC Kolomensky Zavod is the only producer of such engines in Russia.

Design features:
  • modular design
  • side-by-side connecting rod
  • pistons with asymmetrical oval-and-barrel shaped profile
  • automatic self-cleaning filter
  • maximal injection pressure 1800 bar
  • electronic fuel injection system
  • electronic air and gas bypass system
  • uncooled exhaust manifolds
  • sequential turbocharging system
  • turbochargers with higher efficiency
  • if necessary engines with 2-stage turbocharging system and Miller cycle are supplied
  • flange mounted traction unit with inverter start (for diesel locomotives)
  • Environmental compatibility

    Diesel engines satisfy IMO NOx regulations (2008; supplement Marpol 73/78) and can be operated in any climatic positions.

    • For new diesel locomotives

      Multi-purpose diesel-generator including diesel engine of new generation D500 (ChN26,5/31) has been created to replace diesel engines of D49 series.

      The new engine preserves the best design solutions of engines D49 featuring the latest achievements of the world diesel engine engineering, state-of-the-art materials and methods of part reinforcement.

      The diesel engine is intended for use in passenger and freight locomotives of new generation.

      Diesel engine of D500 series is designed in such a way that infrastructure of rail depot used for Д49 engines does not require any changes and can be successfully used for servicing Д500 engines. Thus, introduction of new engines does not require extra operational expenses.

      Features of complete D500 engine:
      • electronic ABB turbocharger control system and sequential turbocharging system permitting to provide optimal engine dynamic characteristics, high torque values at low and average loads during ship speeding up or maneuvering
      • electronic fuel injection system of pulse type
      • self-cleaning oil filter by «Boll & Kirсh» company
      • electronic local control system
      • diagnostic complex (system)
      • hardware/software module to provide informational support during engine operation
    • For nuclear power stations

      Advanced diesel-generator sets of a new generation with wider power range and improved efficiency and ecological parameters are intended for use in nuclear power stations.

      They are created based on diesel-generators 16EDG500 (16ChN26,5/31) and 20EDG500 (20ChN26,5/31) which were developed and tested within the Federal Target Program financed by the government.

      PJSC Kolomensky Zavod has a license for engineering, production and servicing of equipment intended for use in nuclear power stations. Quality management system is certified according to ISO-9001-2008.

      Environmental parameters of the engines comply with the requirements of Russian standards.