Contest «The best in profession»

Contestants having different occupation including turners, milling machine operators, drillers, mechanical assembly workers, electric hand welders, electricians, repair men, crane operators compete in their skills. Among participants of the contest are students of the Kolomna Institute (subsidiary) of the Federal State Budgetary Higher Educational Institution «Moscow Polytechnic University» and students of the college «Kolomna».

The winners of the contest are given the title «The best in profession» and are awarded honorary diplomas and valuable presents.

Historical information.

In September 1967 the first Moscow regional contest among young workers for the title «The Best in Profession» took place at Kolomensky Zavod – in the tool shop. Among 6 winners two winners represented Kolomensky Zavod.

Annual regional contests “The Best in Profession” have been organized for young workers for over 20 years (since 1968). And quarterly a competition for the title “The Best in Profession” has been organized at the plant, with its participants of all age groups representing almost all professions.

Since 2002 contest “The Best in Profession” has been annually organized for the plant young workers.