Kolomensky Zavod is a socially responsible enterprise.

Social policy of JSC “Kolomensky Zavod” includes:

  • activities to ensure a favorable atmosphere and every worker’s awareness of belonging to the personnel of JSC «Kolomensky Zavod»;
  • ensuring constructive interaction between enterprise management and public organizations, representing the enterprise personnel and different social groups;
  • ensuring social support of employees;
  • creating conditions to support employees’ health;
  • informing employees about the enterprise activities;
  • control of discipline-related matters and industrial disputes.

JSC “Kolomensky Zavod” holds regular events aimed at ensuring favorable moral and psychological atmosphere, contributing to employees’ awareness of being involved in the plant activity such as the Day of engineering workers, Introduction to the profession of a worker, the Best among the workers, the Day of the family, contest of amateur performances “A minute of fame”, celebrating memorable dates, meetings, meetings with veterans included, celebrations in dynasties’ honor.

Social partnership system based on collective agreement – bilateral obligation between JSC “Kolomensky Zavod” and engineering trade union committee representing the enterprise personnel is being developed. According to the collective agreement labor and social protection guarantees are implemented, common and labor conditions are being improved.

In the enterprise territory there is a health care establishment having modern facilities. The policlinic provides medical services carrying out the required physical examination of employees.

The employees of JSC “Kolomensky Zavod” have an opportunity of attending sanatorium-preventorium “Locomotive Builder” where they take preventive treatment. The scheduled hours of sanatorium service extends beyond the operating schedule of employees so they can take this treatment on a daily basis during the whole week.

JSC “Kolomensky Zavod” gives an opportunity for employees’ children to have a rest in health-improving establishments including those located on the shore of the Black sea.

The management of JSC “Kolomensky Zavod” actively supports social policy pursued by the enterprise rendering assistance to the plant public organizations: mechanical engineering trade union, the Counsil of veterans, youth commission.

To improve information awareness of the personnel and to motivate it the newspaper “Kuibyshevets” is issued. It has been issued since 1929. Public relations system is being developed providing communications with various groups of public in the city, region and country.

The displays of the museum of JSC “Kolomensky Zavod” opened to the employees and guests of the plant show unique historical heritage of the Russian leading mechanical engineering enterprise.