Trade Union

The enterprise trade union has existed for over 100 years.

In 1906 the trade union of the enterprise included 30 workers.

Currently the number of trade union members at JSC “Kolomensky Zavod” is over 3.5 thousand people.

The policy pursued by the trade union is based on the following principles:

  • constructive dialogue with the employer;
  • stability of labor relations;
  • observing the laws of the Russian Federation;
  • parity;
  • assuming commitments on a voluntary basis;
  • reality of commitment fulfillment.

The main document regulating relations between enterprise employees whose interests are represented by the trade union committee of JSC “Kolomensky Zavod” and the employer is collective agreement. The practice of concluding collective agreement at JSC “Kolomensky Zavod” has existed for several decades.

The main lines of activities of JSC “Kolomensky Zavod” trade union committee are as follows:

  • protection of employees’ labor and economic rights and interests;
  • legal protection;
  • consistent wages increase;
  • ensuring safety working conditions for the enterprise employees;
  • pursuing youth policy;
  • activities for the enterprise veterans;
  • cultural and sport activities;
  • health improvement of employees and their children;
  • motivation to become a member of trade union;
  • consolidation of the trade union, ensuring protection of its rights.