Passenger electric locomotive EP2К

Passenger electric locomotive EP2К

Mainline d.c. electric locomotive EP2К rated 4800 kW per section, with design speed 160 km/h, power supply of train cars, is intended for hauling passenger trains on Russian electrified railways (3 kW, d.c.) with gauge 1520 mm. The locomotive can be operated in the countries of the Union of Independent States and the Baltic region.

The first electric locomotive EP2К was made in December 2005. Serial production started in January 2011.

  • Reduction of operating costs
  • Reduction of maintenance and repair costs
  • Higher train safety
  • Improvement of working conditions for the locomotive crew
Technical characteristics
Parameter Value
Current in overhead contact system d.c., 3 kV
Wheel arrangement 3о – 3о
Power at traction electric motor shaft, kW
- hourly 4800
- in the continuous mode 4320
Design speed, km/h 160
Service weight, t 135
Wheel pair load, kN (tf) 221 (22,5)
Tractive force, kN (tf)
- hourly 192,8 (19,7)
- in the continuous mode 167,4 (17,06)
Electric braking rheostat, 4000 kW
Electric braking d.c., 3 kV, 1200 kW
Traction electric drive d.c.
Traction electric motor suspension Frame-supported, class 3
Minimal radius of curvature, m 125
Overall dimensions according to GOST 9238-83 11-Т
Length over coupler pulling faces, mm, max 22
Rated wheel tread diameter, mm 1250
Design features
  • Microprocessor-based control and diagnostics system
  • New control panel with improved ergonomic characteristics and display of parameters
  • Wheel flange lubricator
  • Locomotive cab conditioner
  • Complex safety device KLUB-U
  • High-strength windscreens and side windows with electric heating
  • Windscreen wiper of pantograph type with electric drive
  • Automatic fire extinguishing system
  • Power supply of train cars
Technical description

Electric locomotive EP2K is d.c. locomotive with 6 traction commutator motors. The equipment installed in the locomotive is mainly produced by domestic companies. The modular approach to equipment layout implemented in passenger diesel locomotives has been further improved.

Locomotive equipment is installed in wagon type body having frame without diagonal brace and welded iron sheathing included in load-bearing structure. Locomotive body has 2 cabs, front and rear tambours, engine room, detachable roof sections. Locomotive cab is equipped with modern ergonomic control panel with controls and means of information display – color graphical display and information displays of complex safety device KLUB-U. The design of control panel is patented by Kolomensky Zavod. High-strength windscreens and side windows as well as rear-view mirrors are electrically heated. Electric windscreen wipers of pantograph type are provided. Tail lights employ LEDs. Locomotive cab has heating and ventilation system. Conditioner and environmentally compliant sanitaryware items provide the required working conditions for locomotive crew. Control devices, auxiliary devices and automatic control systems are arranged in the front tambour. Engine room has one passage 500 mm wide.

A compartment with high voltage equipment is in the center of engine room. Here packages of power devices and high voltage equipment as well as the main high-speed breaker are installed. The door to high-voltage chamber has interlocking device which eliminates access to the chamber if there is voltage in the pantograph collector or in contactor coil of the rail depot mains. Engine room has also transducer for auxiliaries.

Electric locomotive body rests on two 3-axle bogies of new design with frame-supported traction motors and traction gearboxes by means of helical springs providing flexible linkage during horizontal and vertical displacements. Electric locomotive has 2-stage spring suspension with hydraulic dampers in the first and second stages. Bogie includes frame, wheel pairs linked with frame by axle box drivers, spring suspension, gear to transmit traction and braking forces from bogie to body, traction electric motors and gear to transmit torque from traction electric motors via gearbox and shallow shaft with 2 driver couplings to wheels, brake linkage. Linkage of locomotive body and bogies for transmitting traction and braking forces is through mechanism of parallelogram type. Bogies feature high dynamic parameters permitting installation of more powerful traction electric motors. The design of the bogie is patented by Kolomensky Zavod.

There are two current collectors, disconnector, interference suppression throttle, capacitor unit and bus bar mounted on insulators arranged on the roof.

Two axial flow fans electrically driven from cooling and ventilation system of electric equipment are arranged symmetrically relative to locomotive longitudinal axis. Ventilation system is divided into 2 similar parts located in the front and rear portions of the locomotive including multi-cyclone low-maintenance filters, fans and channels supplying air to the consumer. Passing through multi-cyclone filters air is cleaned of dust and sediment while concentrated dust is sucked off by centrifugal motor-driven fans and discharged into the atmosphere. The degree of air cleaning amounts to 75%. The design of air cleaner is patented.

Ventilation system including two efficient axial-flow fans with smooth speed control permits to reduce power needed for electric equipment cooling. Fans provide delivery of air cleaned in multi-cyclone filters to traction electric motors, traction motor excitation controller, converters of fan power supply as well as to the locomotive body to provide forced ventilation.

Braking equipment of the locomotive includes pneumatically and electro-pneumatically-operated friction brakes, electric (rheostat) brake rated 4000 kW, manually operated parking friction brake. Above high voltage chamber 4 starting-braking resistors cooled by motor-fans are installed in the roof. Fan motors are powered from resistors. Electric locomotive employs automatic braking control system SAUТ.

Electric locomotive is equipped with rotor helical compressor unit АКRV 3,2/10-1000U2М1, braking apparatus block. To improve reliability of braking equipment a patented air drying system is employed.

Locomotive electric circuit provides locomotive operation in traction and electric rheostat braking modes, speed control and operation of auxiliary systems and train power supply system.

EP2К locomotive control system is built around microprocessor-based control and diagnostics system МPSU which also provides display of warning and emergency information on the control console monitor. Microprocessor-based control and diagnostics system provides automatic acceleration and speed control in traction mode, rheostat braking and cruise control, control of equipment and auxiliary drive, equipment diagnostics as well as automatic train driving.

To reduce wear of wheels and side surface of rails patented wheel flange lubricators are employed.

Power system rated 1200 kW (d.c., 3000 V) is used to provide power supply of train cars. This power system creates comfortable conditions for passengers improving working conditions for the train attendants and eliminating harmful emissions.

Electric locomotive is equipped with radio station RV-1М, telecontrol system of the driver’s wakefulness ТSKBМ, automatic device for emergency train stop, automatic fire detection and extinguishing system.