Museum of JSC “Kolomensky Zavod”

The museum of JSC “Kolomensky Zavod” has a long, nearly century-old history. It has been located in the plant administrative building since 1963.

In 2013 when arrangements were being made for celebration of the 150-th anniversary of Kolomensky Zavod a new exposition was opened. In addition to the previous displays it included a great number of artifacts, original articles; plant product models.

Nowadays the museum has over 20 000 pieces: documents, pictures, a unique collection of photographic plates and negatives. Over 40 plant product models are on display.

The museum main activities:

  • Excursions.
    Annually over 3000 people visit the plant museum. These are official delegations, partners, schoolchildren, students. Our museum is a visiting card of our enterprise.
  • Scientific research and publishing activities.
    • Scientific research carried out by the museum resulted in a number of publishing projects on the history of Kolomensky Zavod as well as a collection of technical papers presented at conferences “The History and Prospects of the Development of Kolomensky Zavod”, “A Times Connecting Tie ”, “Serving your Homeland”etc. Assistance in this work is actively rendered by different museums and centers of scientific and technical information, amateurs of railway history, numerous partners.
    • Project “Labor Dynasties of Kolomensky Zavod”. During 15 years of the project implementation 62 labor dynasties have been established. The total period of service at Kolomensky Zavod of the above dynasty representatives exceeds 30000 years. In 2016 and 2017 labor dynasties of Kolomensky Zavod became winners of the contest “Labor Dynasties of the Moscow Region” in the nomination “Industry”.
  • Exhibition activities.
    Thematic exhibitions are held by Kolomensky Zavod in cooperation with different plant partners (The All-Russian Association of Russian Germans, the museum “The Kolomna Kremlin”, the Central library system of Kolomna, cultural and educational institutions) on different exhibition sites. Artifacts from the museum of Kolomensky Zavod have been exhibited in Saint-Petersburg, Vyksa, Ryazan’, Nuremberg, Helsinki.
  • Cultural and educational activities
    Within professional guidance projects different festive events are held at the plant such as “open days, awarding ceremonies, meetings of veterans, congratulations on coming of age, introduction to the worker’s profession”etc. The museum has also become a suitable site for shooting TV programs.
  • Organization of historical conferences and participation in conferences
    Traditionally in the years when Kolomensky Zavod celebrates jubilee scientific and practical conferences on history are held permitting to reveal and accumulate historical knowledge about different activities of the plant in different historical periods.