Freight diesel locomotive 2ТE70

Freight diesel locomotive 2ТE70

Modern freight mainline diesel locomotive 2ТE70 consists of 2 sections rated 3000 kW (4080 hp) each and has a design speed 110 km/h.

The first model was built in 2004.

The locomotive has components standardized with passenger diesel locomotive ТEP70BS.

The locomotive is intended for hauling freight trains on Russian non-electrified mainline railways with gauge 1520 mm. It can be operated in the Union of Independent States and in the Baltic region.

According to GOST 15150-69 the climatic version has symbol U.

  • Higher power and traction force as compared to other currently operated freight diesel locomotives
  • Capability to haul trains weighing 6000 t without remaking them up after electric locomotive
  • Reduction of operating costs
  • Reduction of maintenance and repair costs
  • Higher train safety
  • Better working conditions for the locomotive staff and train attendants
  • Reduction of the number of spare parts and equipment for repair of freight and passenger diesel locomotives
  • Environmental compatibility

    Design solutions and introduction of some improvements provide high technical and consumer properties – diesel locomotive was created with modern environmental and safety requirements taken into consideration.

Technical characteristics
Parameter Value
Application Freight diesel locomotive
Wheel arrangement 3о – 3о
Design speed, km/h 110
Engine rated power, kW ( hp.) 3000 (4080)
Service weight, t 141
Wheel pair load, kN (tf) 230,5 (23,5)
Continuous traction force, kN (hp) 304 (31)
Load factor, min 0,75
Diesel-generator 2А – 9DG - 02
Specific fuel consumption at full power, g/kW h (g/hp h) 195 (143,38)
Specific oil consumption for burning, g/kW h (g/hp.h) 0,8 (0,59)
Type of electric transmission a.c.-d.c. with axle traction control
Traction unit GST 2800-1000U2 synchronous with 2 3-phase coils
Traction generator power, kW 2750
Traction electric motor EDU-133R UKHL1 d.c., with series excitation
Traction electric motor power, kW 418
Traction electric motor suspension Frame-supported
Electric brake power, kW 3200
Fuel reserves, kg 7000
Sand reserves, kg 1000
Minimal radius of curvature, m 125
Overall dimensions according to GOST 9238-83 1-Т
Length over coupler pulling faces, mm, max 22000
Wheel tread diameter, mm 1250
Gauge, mm 1520
Design features
  • Improved diesel engine 2А-9DG-02
  • Microprocessor-based control and diagnostics system
  • Per axle regulation of tangential tractive force
  • Frame-supported suspension of traction electric motors
  • Highly efficient fan of cooling device
  • New control panel with improved ergonomic characteristics and display of parameters
  • Bogie with components having improved design and traction boosters
  • Combined system of coolant temperature automatic control
  • Two-stage engine air cleaner
  • Wheel flange lubricator
  • Locomotive cab conditioner
  • Complex safety device KLUB-U
  • High-strength electrically heated windscreens and side windows
  • Windscreen wiper of pantograph type with electric drive
Technical description

Freight mainline diesel locomotive 2ТE70 consisting of 2 sections rated 3000 kW each is standardized with passenger diesel locomotives ТEP70BS for main components. Each section is equipped with diesel-generator 2А-9DG-02 including diesel engine 16ChN 26/26 produced by Kolomensky Zavod and traction generator installed on common bed plate. The diesel engine representing a family of D49 engines is 4-cycle, 16-cylinder, V-type turbocharged engine with electronic speed governor and charge air cooling.

The electric a.c.-d.c. transmission with axle control of tractive force (depending on wheel and track adhesion conditions) employed in the locomotive includes traction generator GST2800-1000U2, controlled rectifying unit М-ТPP-3600D and 6 traction d.c. motors EDU – 133R UKHL1.

Locomotive equipment is installed in wagon type body having frame without diagonal brace and welded iron sheathing included in load-bearing structure. Locomotive section has one cab and engine room, the second cab is replaced by tambour where brake compressor and other equipment are arranged. Body roof consists of separate detachable sections. 2 main reservoirs with capacity of 1000 l are installed on tambour roof. The load-bearing scheme of the body frame includes channels of centralized air supply system supplying air for electric machinery. Free access to diesel-generator and other equipment is provided in engine room from both sidewalls of the locomotive body. Fuel tank arranged in the mid portion of the body frame has recesses for storage batteries.

The locomotive cab is equipped with modern ergonomic control panel where color graphic display, information displays of complex safety device KLUB-U and controls are arranged. High-strength windscreens and side windows as well as rear-view mirrors are electrically heated. Windscreen wipers of pantograph type are provided. The locomotive cab has heating and ventilation system as well as air conditioner.

The locomotive body rests on two 3-axle bogies with 2-stage spring suspension and hydraulic shock absorbers in the first and second stage, having spring linkage with the body in horizontal plane. Bogies have separate drive of wheel pairs, frame-supported suspension of traction electric motors, jawless drive axle-boxes. Driving of wheel pairs is through traction gearbox and shallow cardan shaft with hinge and lever couplings, rolling bearings in the seat of driven gear of the traction gearbox. Traction and brake forces are transmitted from the bogie frame to the locomotive body by means of pivot mechanism providing rotation and free vertical movement of the body relative to bogie as well as its loose placement while swaying. The pneumatic traction boosters installed in the locomotive provide improvement of hauling properties by increase of adhesion weight use factor. To reduce wearing of wheels and side surface of rails the locomotive is equipped with patented wheel flange lubricators.

The locomotive brake equipment includes pneumatically controlled friction brakes, electric (rheostat) brake rated 3200 kW, manually operated parking friction brake. The locomotive is equipped with electrically-driven brake compressor PK-5,25А, brake apparatus. To improve reliability of brake equipment a patented air-drying system is employed in the locomotive.

Axial-flow fan included in the centralized air supply system provides air cooling of the locomotive electric equipment. Air intake by the fan is through multicyclone low-maintenance filter which cleans air of dust, moisture and snow. Engine air cleaner is a proprietary double-stage cleaner, with multicyclone in the first stage.

The locomotive cooling device of shaft type is intended for cooling water, oil and charge air. The engine cooling system has 2 circuits. Thermal condition of the diesel engine is maintained by combined coolant temperature automatic control system due to smooth change of cooling fan speed depending on water temperature in the circuit.

Below the shaft of the locomotive cooling device a heating boiler having a pump for pumping water is installed to provide heating of engine coolant (when settling) from external power supply (380 V) or from the second locomotive section. Water cleaning hydraulic cyclones extending maintenance intervals for cooling device sections are also arranged below the shaft.

Engine start is provided by starter-generator 6SGU2 from storage battery 48TN-450TM. Starter-generator is mounted on traction generator and is engine driven. Control circuit voltage is 110 V.

To provide control of tractive force per axle a controlled rectifier is employed. When the locomotive avoids wheel pair slipping the rectifier operates as usual rectifying unit. In case of loss of adhesion by one or several wheel pairs the speed sensors send signals to microprocessor-based system resulting in voltage reduction in corresponding engines and slipping stoppage. Depending on adhesion conditions reduction of tractive force takes place only for certain engines and due to this the locomotive tangential force increases under limited adhesion conditions.

Microprocessor-based control and diagnostics system MSU-TP installed on freight diesel locomotive 2TE70 includes software and hardware and power supply units arranged in a single rack; sensors and measurement transducers; display module and controller mounted on driver’s desk.

Microprocessor-based control and diagnostics system provides locomotive control in the traction and electric braking mode, control of heating boiler and wheel flange lubricator, output of warning and emergency information on the display of the leading locomotive section, control of the leading and secondary section performance, interaction with the safety system KLUB-U and other systems, diagnostics of the main locomotive components and equipment as well as self-diagnostics.

The locomotive is equipped with a radio station, remote control system TSKBM providing control of the driver wakefulness, automatic control device for train stop and automatic fire extinguishing system.