Lean production

Enterprises of ZАО «Тransmashholding» successfully employ a well-developed practice of sharing experience gained in lean production.

The main task of using lean production system is to improve production system efficiency in all the spheres of the enterprise activity by means of reduction of costs, upgrading products, optimization of logistics, improvement of working conditions, increase of responsibility (change of approach to operation of equipment), reducing risks.

Importance of pursuing lean production policy results from the necessity to reduce production costs and losses (excessive stock and transportation, unnecessary processes, unnecessary moving around when performing operations, overproduction etc.).

All in all production system of Transmashholding includes 46 instruments which are used depending on the task and sphere where the system is introduced.

Training of workers in the sphere of lean production takes place at the Centre of personnel training as well as in the workshops using cross training methods.

The basic instrument of lean production system is the system “5S” including the principles of labor classification as well as a number of factors (order, cleanliness, work site arrangement) and notions (sorting, shop logistics). The main task of using the system 5S id to reduce losses and unnecessary moving around.

Currently the system 5S covers 40 workshops of the enterprise (with the number of proposals about improvements multiplied 20-fold), efficient motivation system has been created for personnel engaged in implementation of the production system project, a technique of task cascading has also been introduced.

Alongside the introduction of 5S system PJSC ‘Kolomensky Zavod” has adopted value stream mapping, visual management benches which are necessary in those areas where lean production system is introduced.

Among other instruments of lean production system relating to quality and methods of solving problems arising at the enterprise are such techniques as PDCA, 8D as well as programs for equipment servicing such as ТРМ, SWIP (a program of weekly improvements at a production area).

The main principle of lean production approach (the possibilities for improvement are endless) is observed by the workers every day in every matter.

Sergey Anatol’evitch Morozov – production system development director Contact to: 8-496-613-89-90