Apprentice training

Vocational training is carried out according to the relevant programs of training and retraining

The course of vocational training may last from 2 months to 6 months depending on the profession.

General requirements for apprentices: age starting from 18 years and state of health satisfying the requirements of the profession

The required documents:
  • passport;
  • certificate of education;
  • health certificate (its form depends on the profession chosen).

A specific list of required documents is specified for every profession.

Vocational training course includes theoretical and practical parts.

To do practical training apprentices are assigned to production divisions of JSC “Kolomensky Zavod” to be trained under the guidance of highly qualified workers. After the training course a certification procedure takes place. The examiners are the commission of the training center. After passing the exam apprentices receive a professional skills certificate.

EXAMPLES: (professions are interactive, the content of the profession is opened upon pressing).


Good skills of a slinger are very important not only to provide the cargo undamaged state but also to provide safety for the life and health of people working nearby at the area or in the workshop. Slinger is engaged in cargo slinging with cargo weight, type and dimensions taken into account. Hoisting cranes must not be operated a without slinger.

A little information about the profession

Slinger must know the enterprise established order of signals exchange between slinger and crane operator, the application and design features of load-grappling devices, cargo slinging and canting schemes, procedure of examining and rejecting norms for load-grappling devices and containers, order of and dimensions of cargo warehousing, the main safety requirements and conditions for crane operation at enterprises (at an area or in the workshop). Slinger must be able to determine carrying capacity of jib type cranes depending on the handling radius and position of crane outriggers, carry out positioning of cargo in the required position and removal of slings, determine the suitability of grappling devices and containers.

Crane operator

Training of crane operators (overhead crane and gantry crane operators) includes theoretical course and practical training. Training is carried out according to the relevant programs with theoretical course lasting 234 hours and practical training lasting 512 hours. After the training course has finished theoretical knowledge and practical skills of trainees are tested.

A little information about the profession

Hoisting cranes are defined as lifting units of increased danger. They are used for loading and unloading, mounting, repair of equipment as well as in technological processes for cargo lifting and moving.

Crane operator must know the established order of signals exchange between slinger and crane operator, requirements for hoisting cranes of overhead type, limit deviations of gantry rail, technical characteristics and parameters of overhead cranes, rejecting norms for hoisting crane elements, rejecting norms for hoisting crane ropes, instructions for crane operators and slingers, operation manual for hoisting cranes of overhead type, arrangement and application of mechanisms, apparatus and safety devices.