Passenger diesel locomotive ТEP70U

Passenger diesel locomotive ТEP70U

Passenger mainline diesel locomotive ТEP70U rated 3000 kW (4080 hp) per section (design speed 160 km/h) is a modified version of diesel locomotive ТEP70BS standardized with it for main components. The locomotive is produced without train car power supply system.

ТEP70U is intended for hauling passenger trains on Russian non-electrified main lines with gage 1520 mm.

It can be operated in the countries of the Union of Independent States and the Baltic region.

According to GOST 15150-69 the climatic version is designated with symbol U.

  • Usage of microprocessor-based control and diagnostics system
  • Reduction of operating costs
  • Reduction of maintenance and repair costs
  • Higher train safety
  • Better working conditions for the locomotive crew and train attendants
  • Better comfort for passengers
  • Environmental compatibility

    The diesel locomotive reduces harmful effect of the locomotive on environment due to reduction of harmful emissions.

Technical characteristics
Parameter Value
Wheel arrangement 3о – 3о
Design speed, km/h 160 or 120
Engine rated power, kW ( hp.) 3000 (4000)
Service weight at 2/3 fuel and sand reserve, t 135
Wheel pair load, kN (tf) 221 (22,5)
Continuous traction force, kN (tf) 167 (17)
Load factor, min 0,74
Diesel-generator 2А – 9DG - 02
Specific fuel consumption at full power, g/kW h (g/hp h) 198 (145,6)
Specific burning oil consumption at full power, g/kW h (g/hp h) 0,8 (0,59)
Type of electric transmission a.c.-d.c.
Traction unit AGST 2800-1000U2 synchronous, 6-phase, a.c.
Traction generator power, kW 2750
Traction electric motor EDU-133Р UKHL1 d.c., with series excitation
Traction electric motor power, kW 418
Traction electric motor suspension Frame-supported
Capacity of power supply system, kW 600
Electric brake power, kW 3200
Fuel reserves, kg 6000
Sand reserves, kg 600
Minimal radius of curvature, m 125
Overall dimensions according to GOST 9238-83 1-Т
Length over coupler pulling faces, mm, max 22000
Wheel tread diameter, mm 1220
Design features
  • Improved diesel engine 2А-9DG-02
  • Microprocessor-based control and diagnostics system
  • High efficiency cooling fan
  • New control panel with improved ergonomic characteristics and display of parameters
  • Combined automatic coolant temperature control system
  • 2-stage engine air cleaner
  • Wheel flange lubricator
  • Locomotive cab conditioner
  • Complex safety device KLUB-U
  • High strength windscreen and side windows with electric heating
  • Electrically operated windscreen wiper of pantograph type
Technical description

Diesel locomotive ТEP70U is equipped with diesel-generator 2А-9DG-02 including diesel engine 16ChN26/26 by Kolomensky Zavod and traction generator installed on a common bed plate. The engine representing a family of standardized diesel engines D49 is 4-stroke, 16-cylinder, V-type turbocharged engine with charge air cooling.

The a.c.-d.c. electric transmission employed on the locomotive includes traction generator GST 2800-1000У2, rectifying unit V-ТPPDR-6,3к-1к UKHL2 and 6 d.c. traction electric motors EDU – 133R UKHL1.

Locomotive equipment is installed in a wagon body having frame without diagonal brace and welded iron sheathing included in load-bearing structure. The loco body has 2 cabs, engine room and 2 tambours. The body roof consists of separate detachable sections. The load-bearing scheme of the body frame includes channels of centralized air supply system to supply air for electric machinery and devices. Diesel-generator and other equipment are located in engine room providing easy access to the equipment from both sidewalls of the body.

Locomotive configuration and control are similar to those of locomotive TEP70BS.