Introduction to the profession of a worker

One of important and old traditions of Kolomensky Zavod is introduction to the profession of a worker which takes place during annual celebration of the Day of engineering workers.

Traditionally a great meeting is held with congratulating those who are introduced to the profession of a worker. Wishes of career development are received by young workers aged up to 22 who came to JSC “Kolomensky Zavod” during the year from the management of the enterprise, heads of departments, specialists of the personnel development center, chairmen of the workshop committees.

Special attention is paid to coaching – intergeneration continuity in the occupational sphere. Coaching gives young workers an opportunity to develop basic skills, to adopt experience and knowledge of older colleagues, to fully realize their abilities and become highly qualified specialists.

Annually the enterprise authorities and trade union adopt a resolution on awarding the honorary title “The best coach of younger generation of JSC “Kolomensky Zavod” to those who do well in coaching young workers.