Key lines of production system of Transmashholding

Control of business processes:
  • construction of effective information and material flows (logistics);
  • construction of interaction between management, divisions and departments;
  • the extension of production system to suppliers;
  • spreading of effective projects within the company.
Lines of activity:
  1. Introduction of Logistic Center

    The main task of logistics is to reduce non-manufacturing costs from purchase of raw materials to delivery of ready-made products to the end user by means of production system instruments including spreading of the best production system practices to raw material and service suppliers.

  2. Standardization of business processes

    We realize that to provide efficiency we must develop resources provision processes, eliminate losses in manufacturing processes, logistic support system, after-sales service, marketing.

  3. Information flow

    It is very important that communication between management, departments and divisions should be easy, fast and available. Our aim is to streamline document circulation by means of switching over from paper documents to electronic documents and by replacing complicated reports by plain documents.

  4. Developing cooperation with suppliers

    We involve our suppliers in manufacturing technologies improvement to upgrade products we buy and to create new products. We do a lot to provide mutual trust, respect and responsibility to satisfy the requirements of our consumers.

  • unnecessary people’s moving around;
  • excessive transportation;
  • excess stock;
  • overproduction;
  • delay;
  • unnecessary processes;
  • reworking operations and rejects.
Production system methods and approaches
  • Хосин-Канри (Х-matrix);
  • 5S;
  • KPSTS;
  • SMED;
  • SWIP;
  • QRQC;
  • methods of solving problems;
  • standardization;
  • key parameters of efficiency;
  • “on schedule”;
  • line balancing;
  • TRM;
  • OEO;
  • AZ;
  • visual management