PJSC “Kolomensky Zavod” has been developer, producer and supplier of medium-speed diesel engines designed for various applications for 115 years. The main products of Kolomensky Zavod in recent years have been 4-cycle medium-speed turbocharged diesel engines with charge cooling of D49 series (ChN26/26).

Engines ChN26/26 are V-type engines with 8, 12 and 16 cylinders. Depending on engine speed (750 ... 1100 rpm), the number of cylinders and degree of mean effective pressure up-rating the engines may be rated from 588 to 4412 kW.

Over 18000 engines of this series produced by the plant proved to be reliable power source for diesel locomotives, ships, stationary and mobile power stations, intended both for basic and stand-by application. Engines produced by PJSC “Kolomensky Zavod” comply with the requirements of Russian standards and EC regulations for harmful emissions. The plant has introduced quality management system which has been certified for compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001. All engines are certified by Rosstandard and, if necessary, by Rostekhnadzor.

The main advantage of engines produced by Kolomensky Zavod is their high reliability and maintainability resulting from modular principle used in engine design, suspended crankshaft and sleeve assembly permitting to carry out current repair and major overhauls at diesel-generator set location. Of importance is fuel efficiency and lower cost of diesel-generator sets (as compared to their foreign counterparts), domestic oils and services rendered by the enterprise specialists.

Technical characteristics
8ChN26/26 и 8GDChN26/26 (V-TYPE)
Engine modification Application Power range kW (hp) Weight, kg Dimensions, mm
8ЧН26/26 Mainline and shunting diesel locomotives; marine plants; drilling rigs; diesel-generators, for marine plants included 588-2059 (860-2800) 7900-10700 3370-3720 1665-1800 2290-2810
Dual fuel engines 8GDChN26/26 Mobile and stationary modular power plants 800-1100 (1090-1500) 10700 3500 1960 2910
12ChN26/26 и 12GDChN26/26 (V-TYPE)
Engine modification Application Power range kW (hp) Weight, kg Dimensions, mm
12ChN26/26 Mainline and shunting diesel locomotives; drilling rigs 1470-2650 (2000-3600) 13600-14400 3920-4030 1665-2000 2745-3030
Dual fuel engine 12GDChN26/26 Mobile modular power station; standby diesel-generator sets 1100-1650 (1500-2244) 17000-18000 4069-4254 1960-2410 3000-3120
16ChN26/26 и 16GDChN26/26(V-TYPE)
Engine modification Application Power range kW (hp) Weight, kg Dimensions, mm
16ChN26/26 Mainline passenger and freight diesel locomotives; mobile power stations; marine plants; off-shore floating and stationary drilling rigs; standby diesel-generator sets for nuclear power stations 1470-4412 (2000-6000) 26000 4730-5280 2050-3450 3425-3492
Dual fuel engine 16GDChN26/26 Off-shore floating and stationary drilling rigs 2472-2597 (3360-3532) 23000-25500 4720-4840 1920-2800 3065-3500
  • For diesel locomotive modernization

    PJSC “Kolomensky Zavod” has developed modifications of D49 engine intended for modernization of diesel locomotives М62. 2ТE10, CHМE3, 232, ТGМ6 and others including locomotives operated abroad (in Germany, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Lithuania, Mongolia and others).

  • For nuclear power stations

    Diesel-generator sets based on production engines ChN26/26 and new diesel engine ChN26,5/31 may be used for power supply of nuclear power plant safety system and comply with the requirements of International Atomic Energy Agency.

    Diesel-generator sets are supplied complete with equipment providing their performance capability in the modes “On duty’, “Operation” and in the mode of test. Diesel-generators complete with the equipment supplied undergo all types of tests which are carried out by the enterprise with imitation of all modes of operation.

    Ecological parameters of engines comply with the requirements of Russian standards and EC Directives.

    The enterprise has development, manufacturing and servicing licenses for equipment intended for use in nuclear power plants.

  • For power stations

    PJSC:Kolomensky Zavod” manufactures and supplies multi-fuel and gas engines intended for production of thermal and electric power at basic, standby and emergency power stations in hard-to-reach regions and for public utilities.

    Production diesel engines of D49 series (ChN26/26) produced by Kolomensky Zavod have a power range from 800 to 2500 kW and gas engines from 800 to 2000 kW.

    Introduction of multi-fuel and gas engines in the power grid of the country will improve reliability and stability of power supply, reduce harmful emissions into atmosphere and improve power saving efficiency.

    • capability of using for standby power supply;
    • rapid commissioning;
    • capability of using local fuels;
    • lower costs due to operation at peak loads
  • For new diesel locomotives

    Diesel engines D49 produced by Kolomensky Zavod are installed in new in-house locomotives as well as in locomotives produced by Bryansky and Lyudinovsky plants.

    All engines intended for use in railway transport have certificates of compliance issued by certification board of the Russian Gosstandard.

    Diesel engines D49 are constantly improved based on operating data in all spheres of application. Basically, the general arrangement and cylinder bore/piston stroke are the same, but major changes are introduced to engine component design and their production technology on a constant basis which permits to provide overhaul intervals and economic parameters comparable to those of the best foreign counterparts.