Labor Glory Alley (Labor Veterans of Kolomensky Zavod)

A special award for the plant employees is the title “Labor veteran of honor”. Annually 10 workers with continuous period of service at the plant (25 years minimum) who have achieved high labor results are given this title.

The names of labor veterans of honor are recorded in the Book of honor and their photos are placed along the Labor glory alley.

This title means a high assessment of labor and public activities of the plant employees and is given on the recommendation of labor collectives and management.

The plant labor veterans of honor (the year 2016)
  • Beliaev Nikolai Aleksandrovich Beliaev Nikolai Aleksandrovich
  • Vorobev Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Vorobev Aleksandr Aleksandrovich
  • Goncharov Alesei Vladimirovich Goncharov Alesei Vladimirovich
  • Deviatkin Vladimir Alekseevich Deviatkin Vladimir Alekseevich
  • Ivanov Evgenii Viktorovich Ivanov Evgenii Viktorovich
  • Leonova Ekaterina Ivanovna Leonova Ekaterina Ivanovna
  • Makarov Vladimir Kuzmich Makarov Vladimir Kuzmich
  • Masiurov IUrii Vladimirovich Masiurov IUrii Vladimirovich
  • Panferov Vasilii Alekseevich Panferov Vasilii Alekseevich
  • Podoprosvetov Anatolii Vasilevich Podoprosvetov Anatolii Vasilevich
  • Solovev Mikhail Ivanovich Solovev Mikhail Ivanovich