The target of developing diesel engines D300 was to create advanced multi-purpose V-type diesel engines with improved efficiency and ecological characteristics.

The family of engines D300 was created to replace engines of D49 series. Д300 engines preserve the best design solutions implemented in D49 engines.

Innovation technologies and the latest engineering solutions used in D300 engines permit to satisfy modern requirements for technical, ecological and efficiency parameters.

Design features
  • new load-bearing scheme with monoblock cylinder liner without jacket resting on cylinder block;
  • piston rings with asymmetric barrel-shaped section, metal-ceramic coating and given radial pressure profile;
  • pistons with asymmetric oval and barrel-shaped profile;
  • main bearings of TIAN type;
  • connecting-rod bearings of TIAN type;
  • traction unit without electric machines;
  • automatic self-cleaning filter;
  • peak firing pressure 180 bar;
  • peak injection pressure 1800 bar;
  • optimal combustion chamber;
  • electronic air and gas by-pass system;
  • turbochargers with improved efficiency;
  • increased piston stroke (280 mm);
  • increased cylinder displacement (14,86 l).
  • For new diesel locomotives

    12- and 16-cylinder diesel engines of D300 series designed on a modular principle feature the latest materials, thermal and chemical-thermal methods of component hardening.

    Larger cylinder displacement permitted to increase engine power at moderate piston speed and operation up-rating. This resulted in extended top end and major overhaul intervals while preserving the best design solutions of D49 engine family.

    Overall dimensions and weight of D300 engine permit to fit it into any diesel locomotive. Sequential turbocharging system with 2 ABB low-inertia turbochargers employed on the engine increase acceleration by 2 times and provide reliability.

    Diesel-generators of D300 series are completed with traction units with inverter start. This resulted in simplified camshaft drive (without auxiliary equipment drive), higher engine reliability and mechanical efficiency as well as lower fuel consumption.

    Electronic fuel injection system provides engine characteristic stability.

    Besides, diesel engine of Д300 series is designed in such a way that infrastructure of rail depots used for Д49 engines do not require any changes and can be successfully used for servicing Д300 engines. Thus, introduction of new engines does not require extra operational expenses.