In 1959 Kolomensky Zavod became the main enterprise developing and producing passenger diesel locomotives. In 1960 the passenger diesel locomotive 60 was constructed. This first domestic high-speed diesel locomotive included all the latest achievements in locomotive engineering. The new locomotive equipped with the diesel-generator 1145 (rated 3000 hp) was designed for hauling passenger trains weighing 600 to 1000 tonnes at a speed of up to 160 km/hr.



In 1964 a passenger gasturbolocomotive 1 rated 300 hp was built based on the underframe of diesel locomotive 60.

During the period from 1960 to 1968 a new family of marine diesel engines (type 42 and 43) was created. Improved models of this type are still produced by the plant.



Demand for engines produced by Kolomensky Zavod was constantly growing. In the mid 1960-ies the plant administration took a decision to create a family of 4-cycle medium-speed engines (49 type) on a modular basis. The family was designed for use in locomotives, ships, power stations, heavy-duty dump trucks etc. The modular principle and high standardization of components implemented in the family were a great achievement for engines of this class. Today this principle is used by many world-famous engine builders.



In January 22, 1971 Kolomensky Zavod was awarded the Order of the October Revolution for great achievements in creation and commercialization of new highly efficient diesel engines. The team of designers became Laureate Of the State Prize of the USSR for creation and commercialization of new highly efficient diesel engines.



In the early 1970-ies one-section passenger diesel locomotive 70 rated 4000 hp was constructed. After the improvement of its design full-scale production started in 1988. The locomotive 70 has modern parameters and is operated in Russia, the Community of independent States and Baltic countries. Over 560 locomotive sections have been produced.



In 1975-1977 two prototype diesel locomotives 75 designed for hauling passenger trains were constructed. These were one-section locomotives rated 6000 hp. The years 1988-1989 saw production of prototype 8-axle diesel locomotives 80 also rated 6000hp and having 4-axle bogie of unique design. In 1993 during the tests of a diesel locomotive 80 a speed of 271 km/hr was demonstrated for the first time in international practice.