For successful fulfillment of important orders relating to production of ammunition and metallurgical equipment during the years of war in July 11, 1945 the plant was awarded the Order of the Labor Red Banner.



In the postwar years when the upper structure of the rail tracks was weakened and could not carry heavy machines a light efficient freight locomotive featuring simple design was needed. Such steam locomotive was constructed at Kolomensky Zavod in 1945 and it was called Victory. The series of these locomotives was designated ˻ (L) in honour of the Chief designer Lebedyansky. Steam locomotives of series L were also produced by Voroshilovgradsky and Bryansky plants on a large-scale basis. Rated 2 200 hp this locomotive developed a speed of 80 km per hour and was the most efficient freight steam locomotive among all those in operation. Steam locomotives of series L allowed to considerably increase train speeds and railroad capacity.



During the postwar years other products of Kolomensky Zavod included diesel engines, tubings. The plant also performed orders for enterprises of ferrous metallurgy. As previously, the Program of the Navy Development assigned Kolomensky Zavod a mission of creating and supplying internal combustion engines for certain types of vessels.



The volume of production of steam locomotives was growing rapidly but rail transport could not handle the growing goods traffic mainly because its major component -steam locomotives reached their limit. For 88 years of steam locomotive production the plant created about 200 types of steam locomotives and made 10420 units designed for various applications. In 1956 the government took a decision to stop production of steam locomotives and Kolomensky Zavod was assigned a task to change over to diesel locomotives.



In 1956 development of 2-cycle diesel engine interrupted by the Great patriotic war was finished. The engine having an original design was far ahead of the best models of the same class in terms of weight and dimensions as well as pressure boosting. This engine was the beginning for a whole family of marine and locomotive engines (40D, 6D40, 14D40, 11D45 and others). All in all over 12000 of diesel engines and diesel-generators of this family have been built.



In 1956 the first freight diesel locomotive 3 was produced by Kolomensky Zavod according to the drawings of Kharkovsky Plant named after Malyshev. Only 2 years later, in 1958, the plant efforts in creation of new types of diesel locomotives resulted in design and production of a prototype one-section freight diesel locomotive 50. The locomotive was equipped with diesel engine D45 designed by the plant engineers. Since then further locomotive development was only based on new types of engines and locomotives designed by the plant engineers. In 1959 the first freight gasturbolocomotive 1 rated 3500 hp was built and works were under way on creation of mobile diesel power stations.