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Diesel-generator sets for nuclear power stations

OAO "Kolomensky Zavod" has been a developer, producer and supplier of medium-speed diesel engines for various applications for over a century. For the last years diesel engines D49 (26/26) have been the major products of "Kolomensky Zavod". A total of over 16,000 engines have been made for the whole period of their production and they have proven reliable as sources of power for locomotives, ships, stationary and mobile power stations for basic and standby applications. Diesel engines produced by OAO "Kolomensky Zavod" meet emission requirements of Russian standards and EU Directives. A certified quality control system complying with the requirements of ISO 9001 has been introduced and is used at the plant. All the engines produced have approval certificates of ROSSTANDART (The Russian Standard Organization) as well as of ROSTECHNADZOR (The Federal Authority for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision) if required.

In 2004 an essentially new fully automated power plant intended for emergency power supply of a nuclear power station was produced and this was the first in Russia. "Kolomensky Zavod" has a licence to design and produce equipment for nuclear power stations. 4 diesel-generator sets rated 6200 kW (safety class 2) were made for nuclear power station "Busher" in Iran and approval tests confirmed their compliance with the requirements of 0052-00 and American Standard IEEEStd387-1995 valid in nuclear power industry.

The main advantage of Kolomna engines is their high maintainability resulting from their modular design, suspended crankshaft and cylinder assembly concept. This allows to carry out current and major overhaul on site.

Another advantage of Kolomna engines is their fuel efficiency and lower prices (as compared with engines made by foreign companies) both for diesel-generator sets and spare parts, used domestic lubricating oils and repair services.

Diesel engines of D49 type are operated in Germany, France, Bulgaria, Hungary, Syria, Poland, the Baltic region countries, Belarus, Ukraine, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Mongolia, Korea, Cuba and other countries.

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