Diesel-generator 2А-9DG-02 including diesel engine 16ChN26/26, a modern 4-cycle 16-cylinder V-type engine, is intended for installation in passenger diesel locomotives TEP70U and mainline freight diesel locomotives 2TE70 (a.c.-d.c.) produced by PJSC “Kolomensky Zavod”. These diesel locomotives are intended for hauling passenger and freight trains on railways with gauge 1520 mm.
Technical characteristics
Parameter Value
Full power, kW (hp) 3000 (4080)
Engine speed, rpm 1000
Overall dimensions (LxBxH), mm 6210х1970х3070
Weight of diesel engine, kg 29050
Specific fuel consumption, g/кW∙h 195
Specific burning oil consumption, g/кW∙h 0,8
Top end overhaul interval, ths kms 400
Major overhaul interval, ths kms 1600