7-6D49 (8ChN26/26)

7-6D49 (8ChN26/26)
Diesel engine 7-6D49 is a modern 4-cycle 8-cylinder V-type engine (designation according to GOST is 8CHN26/26). It is intended for installation in new shunting diesel locomotives TGM6 produced by Lyudinovsky locomotive building plant. The locomotive is used on shunting tracks of railway stations and at industrial enterprises.
Technical characteristics
Parameter Value
Full power, kW (hp) 882 (1200)
Engine speed, rpm 950
Overall dimensions (LxBxH), mm 3370х1665х2420
Engine weight, kg 11000
Specific fuel consumption, g/кW∙h 801,3
Specific burning oil consumption, g/кW∙h 1,1
Top end overhaul interval, loco running hours 22000
Major overhaul interval, loco running hours 80000