Gas/diesel-generators 7GDG, 7GDG-N (rated 1100 kW) based on diesel engines ChN26/26 are intended for operation at power plants of all types providing consumers with electric (3-phase a.c.) and thermal energy.

The main fuel is diesel fuel or rude oil. Using natural or associate gas is also permitted with pilot fuel (diesel fuel or rude oil) amounting to 12%-15%.

Multi-fuel engines can be supplied for use in stationary or modular transportable power plants.

Technical characteristics
Parameter 7GDG 7 GDG-N
Designation according to GOST 10150 8GDChN26/26
Rated power, kW 1100
Rated engine speed, min-1 1000
Mean effective pressure, Рem, bar 12,8
Specific gas consumption according to ISO 3046-1, g/kW∙h 189,5 192,7
Specific heat consumption, кJ/ kW∙h 9700
Specific oil consumption, кg/h 1,0
Overall dimensions, (LxBxH), mm 5570x1960x2900
Weight of dual fuel engine-generator, кg 19500
Top end overhaul interval, h 15000
Major overhaul interval , h 90 000
Type of fuel
Diesel fuel GOST R52368, GOST 32511
Rude oil GOST 305
Natural gas GOST R 51858, GOST 27577
Oils used М14G2TSS, М16DR, М14D2SЕ, М14DTSL20
Design features
  • parts standardization up to 80%;
  • long operation life;
  • reliability and wear resistance of parts and assembly units;
  • easy access during overhaul (major overhaul included), without removal from engine room;
  • engine is easily aligned with generator by means of flange connections and plate coupling resulting in lower vibrations of the whole set;
  • low fuel and oil consumption;
  • using of domestic fuels and oils;
  • low cost of maintenance and oil used;
  • cylinder block of dry type (no contact with cooling water and, as a result, no corrosion);

Total running time of power plants produced by PJSC “Kolomensky Zavod” is over 1 million hours.