4-cycle gas engine 8GМG (12GChN26/26) rated 1300 kW is a modification of D49 engine intended for generating power at power stations of all types.

This engine is spark-ignited and uses natural or associate gas as fuel.

Cooling system is 2-circuit system with charge air cooling. The engine can be supplied with exhaust heat recovery system.

Technical characteristics
Parameter Value
Rated power, kW 1300
Engine speed, min-1/ Hz 1000/50
Voltage, kV 6,3/10,5
Type of gas fuel Natural gas according to GOST 27577
Fuel consumption at rated power, max., m3/h 450
Brake specific gas consumption at rated power m3 / (kW∙h) 0,330
Burning oil consumption at rated power, kg/h 1,2
Overall dimensions (generator included), (LхBхH), mm 6900х1950х3300
Weight (generator included), kg 27 100
Top end overhaul/major overhaul intervals, h 20 000/80 000
Turbocharger availability (model) да
Heat taken away with exhaust gas at rated power, кJ/h 427,4х104
Heat, taken away through cooling system at rated power, кJ/h 414,8х104
Rated pressure of gas fuel, MPа 0,18-0,3
Ignition system Spark-ignited system
Cooling system 2-circuit system
Starting system Pneumatic system or electric starter
Oils used М14V2, М14G2

All the values are given for gas with calorific value of 36.5 МJ/m3

Design features
  • parts standardization up to 80%;
  • reliability and wear resistance of parts and assembly units;
  • modular design providing high maintainability, components being interchangeable during the whole service life;
  • low cost of maintenance and oil used;
  • long operation life;
  • engine is easily aligned with generator by means of flange connections and plate coupling resulting in lower vibrations of the whole set;
  • cylinder block of dry type (no contact with cooling water and, as a result, no corrosion);
  • compliance with Russian and European standards in terms of harmful emissions and smoke.