Diesel-generator AD2000 rated 2000 kW is intended for installation on customer site and is used as power plant generating 3-pase alternating current and thermal energy.

Diesel-generator AD2000 includes:
  • Diesel engine 12ChN26/26;
  • Generator with installation equipment;
  • coupling;
  • water-to-water and water-to-oil coolers;
  • fuel and oil filters;
  • automatic control system;
  • a set of tools and appliances and one set of spare parts.
Technical characteristics
Parameter Diesel-generator
1-АD2000 2-АD2000
Rated power, kW 2000
Engine speed at rated power, rpm 1000
Overall dimensions of diesel-generator, max., mm
length 7000 6960
width 2410 2410
height 3200 3200
Weight of diesel-generator, kg 31000
Diesel-generator specific fuel consumption, max., g/kW·h 225 242
Specific average weighted exhaust emissions must not exceed:
(NO4) corrected for NO2, g/kW·h 1,0
(SO2), g/kW·h 3,0
(СН) corrected for СН1,85 1,0
Oil consumption at rated power, kg/h 2,44
Top end overhaul interval, h 15000 7500
Specified decommissioning interval, h 60000
Service life, min., years 25
Design features

Diesel-generator is based on modular principle providing high operation efficiency and characterized by:

  • low and easy maintenance;
  • reliability and wear resistance of parts;
  • long overhaul intervals.

Diesel-generators can run with induction pipe depression up to 1000 mm H2O and back pressure up to 5000 mm H2O.