Diesel-generator set DGU3100 rated 3100 kW is intended for use as part of RDESO at NPP “Bushehr” to supply power for auxiliaries during normal operation.

Diesel-generator set DGU3100 and its components have safety class 4N according to OPB-88/97-4N.

The main mode of operation of diesel-generator set is “Standby” mode, providing its readiness for automatic start and load pick up at entry of signal. To achieve this diesel-generator set DGU3100 comes complete with service and auxiliary systems of starting air, air intake, oil cooling, fuel delivery and heating to maintain water and oil temperature as well as automation system.

Start of diesel-generator set with load pick up (regular start) is from mode “On duty” with start time no more than 15 s.

Climatic version “T” of diesel-generator set is according to GOST 15150, location category being “3”.

Diesel-generator sets DGU3100 have passed all the tests which confirmed their compliance with the requirements of PNST 165 – 2016 and American standard IEEEStd387-1995 which are in force in nuclear power industry.

Diesel-generator set DGU3100 includes:
  • Diesel engine 16ChN26/26;
  • generator with excitation system and installation equipment;
  • coupling;
  • water-to-water and water-to-oil coolers;
  • oil and fuel filters;
  • automatic control system;
  • a set of appliances and tools and one set of spare parts;
  • auxiliary equipment;
  • operation and repair documentation.
Technical characteristics
Parameter Value
Rated power, kW 3100
Engine speed, rpm. / Hz 1000/50
Voltage, kV 10,5
Cylinder bore/piston stroke, mm 260/260
Specific fuel consumption at full power, g/kW∙h 196
Oil consumption at rated power, kg/h 3,3
Top end overhaul interval, years 6
Major overhaul interval, years 18
Cooling system water/air
Starting system pneumatic
Overall dimensions (generator included), mm:
Length 9570
Width 2800
Height 3425
Weight of diesel-generator, kg 52000
Degree of automation 3
Ecological parameters:
NOХ, g/kW·h 10
СО, g/kW·h 3,0
СН, g/kW·h 1,0
Smoke, FSN 1,3
Design features

Diesel-generator sets including engines of D49 series are based on modular principle providing high operation efficiency and are characterized by:

  • low maintenance, easy repair;
  • reliability and wear resistance of parts;
  • long overhaul intervals.