Diesel engine 12D49M of original design is intended for replacement of obsolete 16-cylinder engines 1-5D49 of locomotives 232 operated on German railways. Modifications of this engine can be widely used during reconditioning of old locomotives and construction of new locomotives rated 1472-2500 kW.

The engine design permits to retain the main locomotive parameters (power, design speed and tangential tractive effort) without changing the standard electric equipment (generator, starter, exciter). Engine 12D49M is equipped with electronic speed and power governor, self-cleaning fine oil filter, temperature controllers in oil system, 2-phase fuel injection system etc.

The latest design solutions implemented in diesel engine 12D49M permitted:
  • to improve ecological parameters;
  • to reduce maintenance and repair costs;
  • to considerably extend overhaul intervals.
Application examples

64 diesel engines 12D49M have been supplied to German railways for reconditioning of 232 series locomotives.

Environmental compatibility

Technical solutions implemented in diesel engine 12D49M permitted to satisfy the requirements of UIC in terms of exhaust toxicity, smoke and sound pressure.

Technical characteristics
Parameter Value
Engine full power, kW (hp) 2206 (3000)
Engine speed, rpm 1000
Weight of diesel-generator, kg 17750
Specific fuel consumption at full power, g/kW∙h 187
Specific burning oil consumption at full power, g/kW∙h (g/hp h) 1,1
Top end first overhaul interval, h 32000
Major overhaul interval, ths. h s 80 - 100