Diesel engine 8 ChN26/26 included in diesel-generator 3-36DG was developed to replace obsolete engines D50 of shunting locomotives TEM2. The design of the engine permitted to retain locomotive traction generator and other auxiliary equipment. The coordinates of auxiliary power take-off shafts are the same.

While retaining the main parameters (power, design speed and tangential traction force) the locomotive has:
  • lower fuel and oil consumption;
  • lower harmful emissions;
  • lower smoke;
  • lower sound pressure;
  • longer overhaul intervals and lower maintenance costs.
Application examples

A batch of diesel-generators 3-36DG has been supplied on demand of Uzbekistan railways.

Environmental compatibility

Diesel-generator 3-36DG including engine of D49 series has improved ecological parameters as compared to diesel-generator PDG1M (including diesel engine D50).

Technical characteristics
Parameter Value
Engine full power, kW (hp) 882 (1200)
Engine speed, rpm 750
Weight of diesel-generator, kg 16000
Dimensions of diesel-generator (LxBxH), mm 4553х1570х2534
Specific fuel consumption at full power, g/kW∙h 200
Hourly fuel consumption at idling, kg/h 5,2
Specific burning oil consumption at full power, g/kW∙h (g/hp h) 1,1
Top end overhaul interval, months 36
Major overhaul interval, years 9