Diesel engine 8ChN26/26 included in diesel-generator 4-36DG was developed to replace obsolete Czech diesel engine К6S310 in shunting locomotive CHME3.

Installation of diesel-generator 4-36 DG in locomotive CHME3 permitted:
  • to reduce fuel consumption by 10%;
  • to reduce oil consumption by a factor of 2,8;
  • to double major overhaul interval;
  • to increase top end overhaul interval by a factor of 2,5.
Application examples

The first locomotive with diesel-generator 4-36DG has been in operation at depot Pechory since 1999. A batch of diesel-generators 4-36DG intended for installation in locomotives CHME3 was supplied to Uzbekistan. Diesel-generators 4-36DG continue to be supplied to Russian Railways.

Environmental compatibility

Installation of diesel-generator 4-36DG in locomotives CHME3 permitted to considerably improve ecological parameters (exhaust toxicity, smoke and sound pressure).

Technical characteristics
Parameter Value
Engine full power, kW (hp) 993 (1350)
Engine speed, rpm 750
Weight of diesel-generator, kg 16700
Dimensions of diesel-generator (LxBxH), mm 4865х1800х2664
Specific fuel consumption at full power, g/kW∙h 200
Hourly fuel consumption at idling, kg/h 5,2
Specific burning oil consumption at full power, g/kW∙h (g/hp h) 1,1
Top end overhaul interval, months 36
Major overhaul interval, years 9