1А-9DG(version 3)

1А-9DG(version 3)

Diesel engines 10D100 of diesel locomotives 2TE10 are replaced by diesel engines 16ChN26/26 included in diesel-generators 1A-9DG (version 3). Ordinary operation of 56 sections of locomotive 2TE10 equipped with diesel-generators 1A-9DG (version 3) shows reduction of fuel consumption by 15,5% and oil consumption by a factor of 1,9 …2,8 as compared with diesel engines 10D100.

Design solutions implemented in diesel-generator 1A-9DG (version 3) permit:
  • reduction of maintenance and repair costs;
  • improvement of economical parameters;
  • extending of overhaul intervals.

Payback interval for locomotive reconditioning including installation of diesel-generator 1A-9DG (version 3) is no more than 5-6 years.

Application examples

Installation of diesel-generators 1A-9DG (version 3) in locomotives 2TE10 during locomotive reconditioning is being carried out by Ussuriysky diesel locomotive repair plant. Diesel locomotives 2TE10 equipped with diesel-generators 1A-9DG (version 3) are operated in Severnaya, Oktyabr’skaya, Moskovskaya, Gor’kovskaya, Privolzhskaya and Dal’nevostochnaya railways as well as in Uzbekistan.

Environmental compatibility

Diesel-generator 1A-9DG (version 3) has improved parameters (exhaust toxicity, smoke and sound pressure) complying with GOST.

Technical characteristics
Parameter Value
Engine full power, kW (hp) 2206 (3000)
Engine speed, rpm 850
Weight of diesel-generator, kg 28900
Dimensions of diesel-generator (LxBxH), mm 6652х2040х2897
Specific fuel consumption at full power, g/kW∙h 198
Hourly fuel consumption at idling, kg/h 13,5
Specific burning oil consumption at full power, g/kW∙h (g/hp h) 0,9
Top end overhaul interval, ths kms 400
Major overhaul interval, ths kms 1600