Diesel-generator 28-9DG included in the power plant of the electric ship is intended for use as the main source of power for patrol ships. Diesel-generator includes:
  • packaged diesel engine 16ChN26/26;
  • 3-phase synchronous generator SGDM-3500-6,3-1000 with installation equipment;
  • coupling to connect diesel engine with gearbox;
  • local control system.
Technical characteristics
Parameter Value
Full power, kW 3500
Engine speed at rated power, rpm 1000
Voltage, V 6300
Frequency, Hz 50
Engine dimensions, mm, max.
length 9000
width 2200
height 3500
Diesel-generator weight (dry), kg, max. 45 000
Standard specific fuel consumption (accord. to ISO), g/kW·h 199
Set operation interval before oil replacement, h 2500
Top end overhaul interval, h 10 000
Major overhaul interval, h 50 000
Decommissioning interval, h 100 000
Design features
Automatic system maintaining diesel-generator in “hot reserve” condition permits to provide its readiness for load pick up.