Turbocharged engine 16ChN26,5/31 with charge air cooling is intended for use in main propulsion plant to drive propeller via gearbox as well as to drive generator in electric ships.
Technical characteristics
Parameter Value
Engine modification 16ChN26,5/31
Full power, kW (hp) 5882 (8000)
Degree of operation process uprating, MPa 2,7
Engine speed, rpm 1000
Specific fuel consumption accord. to ISO 3046-1, g/kW·h 184 - 185
Specific burning oil consumption, g/kW·h 0,45 – 0,6
Length, mm 6400
Width, mm 2540
Height, mm 3900
Weight of dry engine, kg 35000
Top end overhaul interval, h 15000
Major overhaul interval, h 60000
Decommissioning interval, h 120000