Diesel-generator 12LDG500 including diesel engine of new generation 12ChN26,5/31 is intended for use in freight and passenger mainline diesel locomotives of new generation.
Technical characteristics
Parameter Value
Full power, kW(hp) 4412 (6000)
Engine speed, rpm 1000
Specific fuel consumption accord. to ISO 3046-1, g/kW·h 184 - 185
Specific burning oil consumption, g/kW·h 0,45 - 0,6
Specific weight, kg/kW 5,0 - 5,5
Major overhaul interval, thousands of hours 72
Design features

Features of complete diesel-generator:

  • electronic ABB turbocharger control system and sequential turbocharging system permitting to provide optimal engine dynamic characteristics, high torque values at low and average loads during locomotive speeding up
  • electronic fuel injection system of pulse type
  • self-cleaning oil filter by « Boll & Kirсh»
  • company
  • electronic local control system
  • a set of tools and appliances
  • flange-mounted traction unit with inverter start.